Here are projects Zeus is currently developing.

Overseas Japanese Radio Station Network Project

Development of network of Japanese radio stations in the world
Point of Japan and world as seen from overseas
Japanese audience in Japan.
Providing alternative programs and information for the rapidly 
changing 21st century
Networking existing overseas Japanese stations
Setting up new stations
Going public on NASDAQ Japan

North America Expansion Project for a Japanese High-tech Company

Market research for North America
Development of North American specifications
Finding and negotiating North American partners
Test marketing
Full scale marketing

Collaboration Project for E-Commerce Businesses in Japan and North America

Support for Japanese E-com businesses for expansion into overseas
Support for overseas E-com businesses for expansion into Japan
Finding and negotiating foreign partners
Websites localization
E-mail translation and customer support undertaking
Overseas branch and distribution centre service undertaking

Project for Introducing North American Credit Card Transaction Clearing Service to Other Countries

Japanese consumers, for example, can obtain credit cards as easy as those in 
North America.
Japanese merchants have a hard time obtaining merchant accounts.
This situation is hurting Japanese E-commerce development.
Introducing North American credit card clearing service know-how to Japan
There are many other countries where opportunities exist or emerge.

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